CATEGORY: Botanical Expeditions, Plant Collection and Specimens Preservation

Botanical and Natural History collections in general, are important resources in the fight to save lives and to improve health and safety of people around the World.  The discovery of new chemical compounds derived from plants, which will be later used for treatment of maladies, have been an ancient practice of mankind.  Nowadays, most plant researches, which include plant identification and collection, hybridization, in-vitro propagation, DNA extraction, purification, amplification of molecular markers, isolation, purification, and characterization of secondary metabolites, and others, occur in Academia and are supported by, sometimes big, government grants. 


Unfortunately, not all of us have immediate access to those discoveries and, which is more troublesome, the US Pharmacopeia (USP) neither have, in most cases, access to information, samples, or references about most plants -and their metabolites- that are widely in use now, not to mention access to those that may be the potential deal-breaker for a cure to cancer, just to use an example.


The founders of The SAR Group have over 20 years of experience in the field of Plant Biology.  This experience is extended to: 1) securing collecting permits for all over the World; 2) plant identification both in the field and at the herbarium; 3) sample collection; 4) plant DNA extraction, purification, amplification, and sequencing; 5) use of general microscopy and scanning electron microscopy to process biological specimens; and 6) management of plant vouchers to preserve and maintain Natural History Collections, among others.

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