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Our Story


The SAR Group, LLC

Nowadays, our function is to help your company and team to solve ANY problem that will deviate from Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and that renders you non-compliant with federal regulations, as established by the US FDA. We provide the tools, training, and expertise to effectively solve not only 483 observations, but also Warning Letters, and Consent Decrees. The SAR Group and the values that we can provide to your company, are given by the use of a systemic and effective practical approach that embraces the concept of Quality-by-Design and covers every belt color on the Six Sigma philosophies and principles.

We are specialists in setting up strong Quality Systems.  Having a strong Quality System will improve your chances to effectively apply for a Federal permit,  needed to manufacture Cosmetics, OTC drug products, foods containing Cannabinoids, medical Cannabis, or Dietary Supplements, and have such permits granted.  Only then, you will be able to grow in the manufacturing of these type of products and their sales; a growth that can be exponential if that is your goal.


Work With Us

Work with us, like so many are doing now, and we will make disappear your anxiety when dealing with third party or Federal auditors.

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